»MobiKat« Technology

MobiKat product video

The technology MobiKat – Mobile Information, command and strategy – provides efficient support for complex strategic and operative decision-making in disaster response. Its user groups are the command staff and relief forces from fire and rescue services, as well as disaster managers and the police.

The basic structure of MobiKat consists of independently configurable modules with high-performance calculation and optimization algorithms as well as data bank and visualization components. The modules can be operated both individually (even without a graphical user interface, if required) and as a complete scalable system. Furthermore, all calculation and optimization modules are available for external systems in the form of libraries and as server components via web services.  



  • Basic modules
  • Stragetic Planning
  • Operative and tactical command

Application Areas

  • Operational planning and optimization
  • Operational command and documentation
  • Disaster management – floods, extreme weather conditions


User Groups

  • Fire departments, rescue services and police
  • Relief organizations
  • Civil protection staff


  • Flood management
  • Large-scale events
  • Civil protection and rescue services