MobiKat®. Systematic operational command. Effective and upgradeable.

MobiKat® product video

MobiKat® is a modular system for the operational command and administration of the corresponding necessary resources. Its user groups are the command staff and relief forces from fire and rescue services, as well as disaster managers and the police. The system offers various hardware applications for all command levels.

The main features are:

  • Display of geoinformation about the operation site – e. g., traffic network, aerial images, buildings, land use, information about the  terrain
  • Visualization of operation-specific information – e. g., flooding zones, tapping points for extinguishing water, critical infrastructures, current water levels, weather, construction sites
  • Overview of available staff and resources
  • Overview of damages, affected persons and measures
  • Documentation of the operation
  • Algorithms for the optimization of decision support
  • Synchronization of all situational information
  • Offline capability and local data storage 

In addition to the distributed operational command feature working across levels and organizations with an integrated map, MobiKat® functionalities also  include the administration of tasks and appointments, overviews adapted to the current situation as well as analysis and documentation options.

A planning module for compiling the order of notification of fire departments, analyzing response times and supporting the planning of fire safety requirements completes the MobiKat® system. This module also includes a web-based master data portal for the administration of all resources, especially in the field of firefighting.




  • Basic modules
  • Stragetic Planning
  • Operative and tactical command

Application Areas

  • Operational planning and optimization
  • Operational command and documentation
  • Disaster management – floods, extreme weather conditions


User Groups

  • Fire departments, rescue services and police
  • Relief organizations
  • Civil protection staff


  • Flood management
  • Large-scale events
  • Civil protection and rescue services